We'd like to share a recent customer testimonial from Erin Luckhardt:

Alright, where my curly haired girls at???? 

My curly/wavy/frizzy hair would be rocking...if I lived in the 80's. I mean, I did live in the 80's, but my hair was still baby hair then, not the craziness it can be today.  Anyway, all that to say, getting my curly hair to be curly and not crazy can be a challenge. I've read lots of blog posts, checked out a bizillion products to try to keep it curly. Some have said don't dry it with a towel, instead use a t-shirt. Some have said comb it and then use a diffuser. Some have said use this product and then this product and then this product (um, not gonna happen).  

So when my friend Pamela posted about her new business venture Lakeshore Dry Goods and these wonderfully soft hair towels she was making, I was up for trying one.  After I reclaimed it from Leela who stated it was her new blanky (it was seriously so soft), I tried it out yesterday morning. I did my normal curly routine that lately has left my hair more crazy than curly and HOLY COW. My hair was NOT frizzy. NOT soaking wet when I ran out the door. And I used about a tablespoon of one of my favorite products to achieve this. And a 10 second curling iron job on the front two pieces once they were dry.  

Love it so much, Pam! Thanks for creating them and sharing them!!