Olivia of Simply Liv & Co. writes, "It might seem silly to link a cotton towel to my 'dream lifestyle' but, if I understand it correctly, living a lifestyle of 'lagom' is about surrounding yourself with things that are both beautiful and functional. My girls look forward to each bath time, knowing that at the end, they'll cozy up with their very own "big girl" towel, just like mama does.

I've been known to leave my [Sunrise Bliss] towel on for almost an entire day, because it takes so much of the effort out of my normal hair-care routine. It reduces drying time, makes it easier to style my hair, is so much less bulky than a normal towel, and of course, I can focus on other things like making breakfast for my kiddos or enjoying my coffee in the morning for just a few minutes longer. 

Notoriously low-maintenance and a lover of all things simple, easy, and of course, beautiful, it's no surprise that my love for these simple towels is a reflection of my love for something much bigger: a lifestyle that I'm daily trying to emulate. And choosing the right towel, or the right coffee corner, or the best time to stay in and say no - it's all part of the hygge I'm constantly trying to achieve."

Read her entire post here, and learn a little about hygge, lykke and lagom: (copy & paste into your browser): http://simplylivandco.com/blog/cultivating-lagom-with-lakeshore-drygoods

Olivia is writing a guest blog post for Lakeshore Dry Goods in early 2019 about these wonderful lifestyle concepts - so stay tuned!