Marissa of The Greener Girl writes, "After using the t-shirt towel several times I did notice a significant difference in how tame my hair became. I rarely leave it down naturally but I felt more inclined to let my natural curls go free after seeing noticeable results."

"I have very long, thick, coarse hair that usually takes all day to dry on its own. To my surprise, I did notice a decrease in dry time! It almost cut my dry time in half. The t-shirt towel has amazing absorption capabilities. For someone who literally has to wait 8+ hours for my hair to air dry this is the best part!"

"There are several ways to wear your hair towel. My go-to is effortless:Flip your hair over. At the nape of your neck on your back hairline, hold both sides of the towel firmly and evenly. You can tuck the sides behind your ears or leave it over (I like to leave it over). Twist the towel around all of your hair to the end. You want to keep this tight but not too tight that it causes breakage. Flip the wrapped hair to the back of your head. Tuck the end of the wrap at the nape of your neck to secure it.  I find it so easy to wrap!"

Read her entire post here (and see more cute photos of her fur babies!):  (cute and paste into your browser)