I jumped out of the car after driving back to Petoskey from Kalamazoo for the weekend, and my car was covered in bugs I’d killed along the way – it’s finally spring!  After a long winter, and some misplaced snowfalls in April, it’s good to be soaking up the Vitamin D again.      

In Northern Michigan, where spring turns pretty quickly into summer, and summer becomes a tiny blip of a memory come the following winter, you really have to make the most of the few short months you have. Luckily, there’s no shortage of beautiful views and outdoor wandering to take advantage of.  In a twenty-minute car ride I can pass dozens of stopping points: roadside overlooks, preserves, state parks, local farmer’s markets, and perfect blue lakes.      

That day I left my apartment for work and spent forty minutes slowly chipping away at the ice on my windshield feels like ages ago, and I can finally come out of hiding, stretch my legs, and greet the green grass and the cloudless sky.

Post by Molly Fitz Henry

Photo by Five and Pine Photo