By Ryan Bentley

Published Saturday, July 1, 2017

PETOSKEY — While reading a magazine at the Petoskey State Park’s beach in summer 2016, Pam Colby encountered a beauty tip which would help provide inspiration for a business enterprise.  

The tip suggested use of a soft cotton T-shirt for drying hair rather than a typical towel, touting reduced potential for tangles, frizzing and breakage.  

Colby, a Petoskey resident, recalled reading a similar piece of advice years earlier, and began thinking about possibilities for creating a towel made with T-shirt material. Since then, she and husband, Christian, have begun offering such products through Lakeshore Dry Goods, a new venture they’re pursuing alongside other work.   

“It’s been great to work together on something that we can call our own,” Colby said.  

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